About us

Banknilami.com is the STARTUP website in India, that lists all properties that are for sale through bank auctions in an accessible and convenient way. We provide up-to-date lists of all the properties that are scheduled to be auctioned by various banks across India, including movable and immovable properties.

The advantage of buying properties through bank auctions is that it comes at a cheaper price than the market rate. Most people are not able to avail of cheaper rates due to a lack of information on the properties that can be easily accessed.

Banknilami.com solves this problem, with a user-friendly internet platform that allows investors to view the properties for sale by banks and financial institutions. Our website assures the best and most updated information on properties for sale through bank auctions. Buyers can easily use our website to search for any property they wish to buy through an auction, in any city. They can get information on the basic details of the property, including the contact details of the bank and the date of the auction. They can make a well-informed decision, as all the information provided is reliable and in one place. Our website also saves the buyer’s time in making the decision as they can check for properties that are to their liking in a quick and effective way, through our user-friendly interface.

Our website is also very useful for banks because they get a wider audience, quicker, and better responses to their auction properties. We display the property on our platform until it is sold, giving the notification a much longer period of longevity and publicity that a newspaper or other platforms. This increases prospects for the sale of the property, which greatly benefits the banks.

We at banknilami.com are committed to providing a win-win situation for both buyers and the banks, with our comprehensive user interface which allows seamless communication. For buyers, our platform provides the opportunity to town property at a substantially lower price. For banks, we provide a platform for an extended notification.