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FRANCHISEE aims to be best Auction Website of India. We are managed by a group of entities involved in stressed asset management business for last 26 years.

Modus Operandi - 

Bank provide loan to borrowers like Housing Loan, Business Loan, Education Loan, Loan for vehicles and equipments. In case Borrower do not repay the looan, Bank take LEGAL RECOURSE through SARFAESI ACT, Agriculture Credit Acts, Repossion of Vehicles and Equipments etc with legal compliances to recover its money from Borrowers. Bank engage specialised agencies to support in Legal compliances. These agencies are known as - Enforcement Agencies, Resolution Agencies, Supporting Agencies, Recovery Agencies etc.

We are one such agency having Tie-Up with Banks and NBFCs since 1996. We provide following services to Banks/NBFC/HFCs - 

1. Advocate / Legal Notice
2. Field Vist and Counselling Services
3. Possession of Properties like House, Shop, Factory etc.
4. Security Guard Services
5. Vehicle Repossession
6. Parking Yard 
7. Auction arrangements

Offer -

We invite young and energetic enterpreneurs all around the country to be the part of our business.

Master Franchisee - 1 at Each State 
District Franchisee - 1 at each District

Location -

All District Head Quarter of India.

Requirement -

You need to invest as par your capacity and our team will manage a suceess for your business.

Procedure -

1. Apply online or WhatsApp scanned copy of KYC and full details about your background and current working with future projection.
2. Deposit a Non-Refundable Application Processing Fee of Rs. 1000/- in Company's Bank account (detailed below) and whatsapp the deposit slip at 9950015000
3. After verification of Document and Due Digilance Agreement will be executed.

Payout -

Every Bank pay @ different rates and Terms.

You will get 92% Share of Payout of the Bank (after deducting GST and Income Tax) in case entire assignment will be completed by you on your expenses. If you need assistance from our specialist team / service, a separate price is liable to be deducted from your PAYOUT.

Application Processing Fee, Franchisee Fee and Security Deposit

Application Processing Fee is Rs. 1000/- and Non Refundable
Franchisee Fee and Security Deposit vary with type of franchisee 

Contact Details -

WhatsApp No. - 7340 300 171
E-Mail ID -
Website -

Application Form - Apply Now